ONC MERINO is a long-sleeve T-shirt that uses only special merino wool, which is originally produced from the selection of raw materials, because it dries quickly after washing, is lightweight, warm, and does not get stuffy. It is a brand that develops only

The merino wool used in ONC MERINO products is carefully selected from Australian merino sheep with particularly fine fibers, spun at a factory in Japan, and woven into a tightly woven cotton sheeting fabric. .

By using that special merino wool, it creates an unprecedented elegant texture and special comfort. The product color has a moderately dull and unique color that has been incorporated into ONC MERINO 's original fine border pitch.

Function | Functionality of Merino Wool

1 Easy to clean
The fabric is pre-shrunk, so it can be put in a net and washed in a washing machine. *Do not use a dryer as it may cause shrinkage.

2 Smooth and comfortable to wear without itching
The fibers are thin and soft, so it doesn't irritate the skin and is comfortable enough for infants to wear. Merino wool has excellent moisture absorption properties, keeping the humidity inside the garment low and comfortable. In addition, the high water repellency keeps you dry and comfortable even when you sweat.

3 Ideal for UV protection
It has UPF50+ and the highest level of UV protection.

4 Relaxed silhouette
A relaxed silhouette that can be worn alone, not the tight fit that is often found in outdoor wear. The fabric has an exquisite thickness that can be worn almost all year round except midsummer. It can also be used as an inner layer in winter.